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Do you have a scuba diver or snorkeler in your life who loves taking photos underwater? Surprise them with the gift of underwater photography skills. With The Underwater Club's online courses, you can give them 12 months access to a master class for just AU$99 (US$ 64)! Taught by a leading underwater pro, they'll learn insider techniques to take their underwater photography from hobby to art.
Visual Intro Course
  • An ideal first course to jumpstart your underwater photography skills and open up a new creative world
  • Focuses on the core fundamentals of underwater photography
  • Explains the major differences between land and underwater photography environments
  • Helps you understand the unique challenges and techniques of the underwater world
  • Includes lessons on camera settings, lighting, and composition
  • Become an Underwater Lighting Wizard:  Go behind the scenes to understand how light travels and transforms underwater.
  • From backscatter to hot spots avoidance: Get the foundations to light up your underwater shots. See the marine world in a whole new way.
  • Flash vs Video Lights: Discover when to unleash the power of your flash for vibrant shots, and when continuous video lights can get the job done. 
  • Transform from Fish Pics to Photographic Art: Go beyond ordinary underwater shots to composing true artistic masterpieces. Lighting is the key to next-level underwater imagery.

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Which course to give?

You can gift a 12-months access to any of the 7 Courses of The Underwater Club:

Or you can gift a 1-year Club Membership, which includes all Courses, monthly webinars and private forums where Members get invaluable feedback on their images, from fellow underwater photographers and more!


Need help deciding?

  • The Introduction Course is great for beginners in underwater photography. It is well suited to experienced land-photographers too, with a lesson that helps them grasp the key differences between underwater and “normal” photography. Yes, we are worlds apart 🙂
  • The Lighting Course will benefit beginners and advanced underwater photographers alike, starting with the theory of how light travels through and gets affected by the water, and the role of artificial lights. The course delves into the merits of using flash vs video lights, 1 flash vs 2 flashes, and importantly covers how to position these light sources to produce clearer pictures, free of backscatter (the floating bright spots). This fundational course will elevate the student’s understanding of underwater lighting, enabling them to move away from the mere “Fish identification” shot, and craft more artistic imagery.
  • A Club Membership gives the student access to 40 lessons, covering over 16 hours of packed video-based tuition. This comprehensive curriculum will help them gain mastery of their equipment, of the photographic techniques and artistic considerations behind various genres of underwater photography. Receiving a constructive, articulate feedback on one’s photo is another great way to progress, and Club Members can exchange photo critiques in the safe and caring environment provided by our Club Forums. Last but not least, Members can access all our Monthly events for free, which normally retail for AU$ 59, when open to guest registrations.


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Select your gift

One Month
Club Membership
(around US$28)

AU$49 AU$39 1 month access
  • 7 courses
  • 40 lessons
  • 46 quizzes
  • 16 hours of video
  • Club forums
  • Monthly webinars

Introduction Course
(around US$68)

AU$129 AU$99 1 year access
  • 1 course
  • 5 lessons
  • 6 quizzes
  • 112 minutes of video

Lighting Course
(around US$116)

AU$199 AU$169 1 year access
  • 1 course
  • 6 lessons
  • 7 quizzes
  • 130 minutes of video

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our lead educator, Nicolas Remy, is an accomplished Underwater Photographer and he enjoys sharing his knowledge. He created these courses to share everything he knows about Underwater Photography, in an accessible way.

You can learn more about Nicolas  here, and see his portfolio, awards and publications here.

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