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Meet the leadership team behind The Underwater Club

Portrait Nicolas REMY colour

Nicolas REMY, Founder, Underwater Photographer and lead educator

Nicolas has been diving since 2007, but he had already read two underwater photography books before even becoming a certified diver!

Over the years, he accumulated 35 international photographic awards, he has authored dozens of articles in print and digital media, and his photos have featured in various mainstream news outlets, such as CNN, CBS News and the BBC.

In parallel to diving, Nicolas has had 6 different jobs, spanning over a 14 years corporate career in IT. Across these roles there was one constant: Nicolas had to explain complex topics in a simple way, to various people with diverse backgrounds. It was his talent, and what he enjoyed most about his career.

In 2021, Nicolas decided to bring together his underwater photographic expertise and his talent for teaching. With the help of his lovely wife Lena, he founded The Underwater Club, a first-of-its-kind underwater photography school and community.

To browse Nicolas and Lena’s portfolio, awards and publications, visit their website at 

Lena REMY, Head of Strategy and Underwater Photographer

Lena started diving in 2007, getting certified together with her boyfriend-at-the-time Nicolas. Lena often says that she is Nicolas’ first underwater photography student, but she is an accomplished underwater photographer too. She holds 6 photographic awards, including Winner of the Underwater category, in the prestigious Golden Turtle 2022 edition, and her photos have been published in multiple dive magazines. 


Over her corporate career, Lena has pursued several roles in Project and Program Management, with a talent for delivering ambitious, innovative projects, and has a reputation for “moving mountains with a smile”. 


She oversees The Underwater Club’s strategy, with a focus on delivering value to its community of underwater photographers, and laying down the path for exciting new developments.

Why The Underwater Club?

Matt Waters invited Nicolas to the ScubaGoat podcast in March 2023. Jump to Chapter 42:44 for a discussion on The Underwater Club’s Courses structure, and how the curriculum is organised to make it easier to learn underwater photography.

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