A new way to Learn Underwater Photography is coming soon...

To celebrate the upcoming launch of The Underwater Club, we are giving away some amazing prizes, donated by our generous sponsors Retra and Mares.

The giveaway has ended: join us online for the winners draw!

Here are the 5 lucky winners, who have been drawn randomly on on Tuesday 04th April 2023, 1pm Sydney time:

  • 1st Prize (Retra Flash Pro X) was won by Michael Athanas (USA, postcode 63129)
  • 2nd Prize (Mares Avanti Quattro+ fins) was won by Ritchie Toy (Australia, postcode 3004)
  • 3rd Prize (200 EUR Retra voucher, to use on www.retra-uwt.com) was won by Shireen Shipman (USA, postcode 92115)
  • 4th Prize (Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin mask) was won by PT Hirschfield (Australia, postcode 3940)
  • 5th Prize (t-shirt The Underwater Club) was won by Richard Shaul.

The draw was live-streamed on Facebook, and you can re-watch the event on Youtube:

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Learn more about these amazing prizes

If you are an Underwater Photographer, then we think you’re going to love these prizes.

In the videos below, professional Underwater Photographer Nicolas Remy explains why these 3 products are part of his favorite dive gear.

The Retra Flash Pro X

Nicolas has been shooting with two Retra Flash Pro strobes for more than 2 years, and many of his Award-winning photos were illuminated by these strobes. In this video series, he discusses the 7 reasons why he enjoys using the Retras, both for wide-angle and for underwater macro.

One last thing, our top prize is even better: we’re giving away one Retra Flash Pro X, which is essentially the same strobe that Nicolas uses, but with 20% extra battery life.

Mares fins & mask

In these two videos, Nicolas introduces the fins and masks which has has been using for over 18 months:

  • The Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fins  
  • The Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin mask  

We are giving away one of each, because we think these quality, durable products are well suited to underwater photographers. Watch the videos to find-out why.


you have until the 30th March 2023, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, to get additional entries, and increase your chances to win one of these great prizes!


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