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  • Nicolas

    2024-01-04 at 4:40 am

    Hi @bmougenot ,

    I’ll give a general feedback on this selection, but it would be easier for commenters if you did just 1 image per post (in this forum).

    If you’d like help choosing the best image in a series of 2-3, use this forum instead:

    Which do you prefer and why?

    Back to your selection, my favourite without a doubt is #2, because the nudi stand out from the background, both in terms of colour and sharpness, plus some “eye contact”. I also like the composition, with the subject slightly towards the diagonal (though not fully).

    To further improve, I’d suggest building on the strengths of this image:

    => if you could open the aperture even more, your background would be even more blurred (extra contrast).

    => I suggest a crop & rotation, to bring the nudi closer to the diagonal.

    The pink & yellow nudi is a nice subject, but a little too “lost” within the reef: consider getting closer and/or using a snoot to isolate it.

    Last nudi is interesting and well composed, but lacks a bit of contrast: try boosting the colours/saturation, especially around the purples (if you use lightroom, you can increase saturation per colour).

    Other nudis would benefit from a lower framing angle to stand out better => see the Get Close, Get Down lesson for inspiration.

  • Mougenot

    2024-01-04 at 10:09 pm

    Thank you well noted

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