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Composition underwater

To take beautiful underwater photos, you need more than a great subject and great lighting: you also need to pay attention to how the main subject and other elements are laid-out within the frame, and this is called composition. In this lesson, you will learn the 10 composition rules which are most relevant for underwater photography.  

Indeed, the famous composition rules don’t apply the same way for underwater photography (if applicable at all). For example, unless you’re a wreck diver or doing pool photography, you will not have to worry about straight lines in your composition.

To learn how to achieve a good composition underwater, take this lesson where I will cover:

  • What a “good composition” means, why it can make your photography stand-out.
  • The 10 rules which matter most for underwater photography. Each rule will be illustrated with underwater photos.
  • Bending the rules: these rules are rather guideline and a photo does not have to tick all of them to be successful. Again, you will see examples of underwater photos where I will pinpoint the rules which have been broken… and explain why this is totally fine 🙂

You can watch this introduction video, or dive-in the lesson straight away!